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Lead Pouring

Lead Pouring

Lead is the densest of metals in the periodic table and due to this it is an excellent source of Shielding in Medical, Nuclear and Radiation applications.

For over a quarter of a century, Galena Metals has developed a corporate mandate of excellence in its Lead Pouring procedures destined for the Nuclear industry. Galena Metals has excelled at developing unique processes that support rigid quality control standards. Experience gained from Galena Metals successful history of Lead pours for a wide variety of end users has culminated in Nuclear Shielding Advancements. Galena Metals continually searches to find ways to improve its Nuclear Pour methods that include Documentation Control, Fabrication Preparation, Lead Pour Procedures, Controlled Preheat and Cooling Temperatures and a final inspection with many checkpoints throughout the process. Committed focus on quality and client satisfaction has lead Galena Metals to successfully undertake Lead Pouring jobs for clients like L&T, Areva and Duke Energy.

Lead Pouring is very delicate mixture of art and science. There isn’t one specific method for Lead Pouring. Lead pouring is done taking into factor the size of the vessel, the type and the shielding needed from the source.

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