Galena Metals


We undertake Turnkey Projects involving site work. We also carry out Fabrication, Erection, Lead Lining activities as per the customer’s specifications.

We Specialize in:

  • Lead Shielding and Pouring Jobs
  • Lead Heating and Cooling Coils as per Customer's Drawings and Specifications
  • Fabrication of M.S. Reaction Vessels, Evaporators, Towers Tanks, M.S. Lead Bonded Coils, Lead Heat Exchangers
  • M.S. Lead Lined Fittings such as, Straight Lines, Long Radius and Short Bend, Tee's, Elbow, Reducers, Etc.
  • Loose Lead Lining and Homogenous Lead Bonding of:
    • M.S. Tanks
    • Reaction Vessels
    • Towers
    • Chrome Bath Tank
    • Anodizing Tank
    • Pickling Tank
    • Launders
    • Wooden Vats
    • Concrete Tank
    As per Drawings and Specification of the Customer